Loose Horse’s Liberty Jumping Demonstration on Highway

A few weeks ago I posted a disturbing photo of a Haflinger horse in Germany that did not survive a crash with a car on a road. The horse jumped right through the windshield of the oncoming car and was killed. No one in the car was injured.

Today we can look at the flip side of that. This dramatic scenario unfolded in Israel. Three loose horses trot down the highway into the path of an oncoming car. The first two horses swerve out of the way but the third leaps right over it, although his hooves apparently went through the windshield.

I would have liked to have seen the car afterwards, since if you stop the video in mid-jump, it looks like he makes contact with the roof, too but as it was moving in the opposite direction, the opposing forces of two moving bodies may have been enough to get the car under him more than it got the horse over the car.

American tourists with a video camera in a car going in the opposite direction caught this drama on video.

Thanks to Horse and Hound for alerting me to this video and to ITN for somehow getting it from the tourists and posting it on YouTube so it could be shared with you! I think Israel should recruit this horse for their eventing team. He puts new meaning to the line in a classified “will jump anything you put in front of him”. I bet he’d sell on equine.com. And I think I know how he may have gotten loose; if this horse will jump a car, how much respect will he have for a fence?




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