Kiwi Horse Leaves His Medical History at Home and Romps in US Win

Crossing the Line did just that, and ahead of his rivals. The New Zealand-bred colt easily won last Saturday’s Del Mar Mile at Del Mar Racecourse in Southern California. But there’s more to this horse’s story.

The colt has had ankle surgery, and also survived major colic surgery early in his career in New Zealand. Once racing, he “bled” (showed signs of exercise-induced pulmonary hemmorhaging), which is not allowed under New Zealand racing rules. There is no Lasix (the medication that inhibits the condition) in most countries outside the USA.

(See my July 24 post for more on bleeding policies in New Zealand vs the USA.)

So, with known leg, intestinal and lung problems, the horse was shipped to the USA, given Lasix last Saturday, and he won not only a prestigious grass stakes race with a large purse, but also qualified for a place in the gate at the Breeders Cup in October, since the race was a Breeders Cup qualifier.

This is a Cinderella story if there ever was one; the New Zealand press is comparing it to the script of the recent Hollywood movie “Dreamer”.

It’s a long time until October; let’s hope Crossing the Line stays healthy!




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