Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center Helps Racehorses Begin a New Life

by Fran Jurga | 23 January 2009 | The Jurga Report at

Darley Newman, host of the PBS television series Equitrekking, is usually off somewhere exotic, riding through vineyards or trotting up a mountainside in some place where I’d love to be.

Recently, though, Darley took a trip closer to home and visited the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center at the Kentucky Horse Park outside Lexington, Kentucky.

In this brief clip, Darley interviews Susanna Thomas about the prospects of King Dee, a big gray Thoroughbred gelding who escaped slaughter but has needed many hours of careful, thoughtful rehabilitation as he begins his new career as a riding horse.

If you are headed to Kentucky and plan to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, make the center part of your tour. The center welcomes visitors between the hours of 9 and 2, Monday through Saturdays, with interactive demonstrations on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11. To contact the Secretariat Center about horse adoption, call 859-246-3080.

To learn more about Darley and her tv show, look not much further than where you already are. Darley is my fellow blogger here at, and you can follow her adventures on PBS and watch for her posts here, on her blog.




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