Just for Fun: Sharing the Bandwidth of Fame with Anky

Photos from readers add a personal touch (and some humor) on Anky van Grunsven’s web site

There’s probably only one way in the world that my name and Anky van Grunsven’s will ever be spoken in the same sentence. And I’m letting you in on the secret.

The ultimate dressage queen/empress/diva–whatever you’d like to call her–has a great web site at http://www.anky.nl/. There’s plenty of news, updated daily. There’s wallpaper for your computer to download. Horses to meet. Videos to watch. Music from her kurs to delight your ears.

But she also has something else: an upload link. You can upload photos of your horse or you or whatever you like, or videos, up to a certain size and within parameters. Each week, the Anky crew posts favorites on the web site. You have your week of fame at the top of the web page, then you move down the next week, but you’re always there. You always have the web URL to your photo sitting amongst Salinero, Bonfire and all the Anky activity.

Here’s the link for uploading:http://www.anky.nl/index.asp?page=upload

Some of the stuff is goofy and makes you laugh (like the horse and human facemakers shown here, posted a few weeks ago): some is serious, but most photos show ordinary people from all over the world having fun with their horses.

This is somewhat akin to uploading your best singing-in-the-shower to Barbra Streisand’s site (you can’t). Good for you, Anky!




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