Indiana Latest State Affected by Equine Herpes Virus

Are you running out of pins to put on your map yet? Indiana is the latest state to report a case of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV).

Trying to keep up with Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) cases around the United State is becoming a challenge. You might need more pins. Photo by Dave77459.

Here’s the official message for Indiana horse owners from the Indiana State Boart of Animal Health on Friday, May 18:

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health has quarantined a Lake County boarding facility after a horse was confirmed positive with equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV).? The horse was humanely euthanized after showing neurological signs just days before he was confirmed for the virus.? The 45 horses at the stable will remain under quarantine until all are confirmed free of the disease.

Equine herpesvirus is a neurological disease caused by any of several strains of the virus.?? Clinical signs include decreased coordination, hind limb weakness, loss of tail tone, lethargy, inability to rise and respiratory disease.

The virus is most commonly spread through horse-to-horse contact, and aerosolized respiratory particles.? Horses may appear to be perfectly healthy, while spreading the virus through respiratory secretions.? Physical objects such as tack, grooming equipment, buckets, and people can also be vectors for passing the virus.

Practicing proper biosecurity is important to prevent the spread of the virus since people, horses and equipment can transfer EHV.? Do not share equipment among horses?even healthy ones.? Individuals working with horses should wash their hands after handling one horse and before working with another.? Sick horses, those exhibiting neurological signs, or those that have recently aborted should be separated from healthy horses until a diagnosis can been made.

Horse owners should talk to a veterinarian about including the EHV vaccine in an annual vaccination regimen.? When traveling to exhibitions and/or out-of-state, horse owners are advised to contact the state of destination to determine if additional requirements must be met due to a case identified in Indiana. Additional statements may be necessary on certificates of veterinary inspection.




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