Indiana Bans Toe Grabs on Front Shoes of Racing Thoroughbreds

On July 18, the Indiana Horse Racing Commission passed a regulation banning toe grabs of a height greater than four millimeters on the front hooves of all (racing) Thoroughbreds and Quarter horses.

The state’s new toe grab regulations are consistent with the model rules adopted by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) at its convention in Jackson Hole in April 2007. California was the first state to initiate a front grab ban and was soon followed by New Mexico.

Hoofcare and Lameness Journal will facilitate a discussion on the toe grab recommendations during the Select Yearling Sale at Saratoga on Tuesday, August 7th. Featured speaker will be Kentucky farrier educator Mitch Taylor, who will present research and findings compiled by the Jockey Club’s hoofcare committee from the Horse Safety and Welfare Summit held last October, from whence came the push to ban toe grabs.

With Mitch will be Kentucky farrier Steve Norman, who also served on the committee and who daily serves on the front lines as farrier to some of the world’s top racehorses. The public is invited to review the findings and discuss toe grabs and racing surfaces (and anything else) with Mitch and Steve.

All Hoofcare & Lameness events at Saratoga this year will take place in the dart room at the Parting Glass on Lake Avenue. Educational gatherings are hosted by your blogger, Fran Jurga, each Tuesday evening from July 31 to August 21.

Mitch Taylor will make a formal presentation on the subject of Thoroughbred racing from the farriery point of view at the Fourth International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot on November 2-4 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Visit to learn more.




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