“Hurry up, the Queen is Waiting!” Horses Lose Shoes at the Most Inopportune Moments

A New Zealander friend visiting the UK snapped this very-behind-the-scenes shot of the Household Cavalry during the Trooping of the Colors ceremony in London yesterday. They couldn’t get seats in the stands so went around the back and this is what they saw.

Double-click on the photo to see what’s really going on at Buckingham Palace! Apparently the Guardsman remained in the saddle throughout the process! The fellow on foot seems to be trying to shield the farrier from sight and the one in the black uniform is undoubtedly exhorting him to hurry up and wring off!

Of course, we all know that the Windsors understand that sometimes you just have to wait for the farrier to finish.

Derek and Dot, the curious Kiwis, wrote, “The Guards were obviously trying to cover it up but I did manage to sneak one. Embarrassing for them, I know.”

Derek and Dot are spending “three or four” years touring the inland canals of the UK in a narrowboat. Float along vicariously with them via their blog at http://nzgypsyrover.blogspot.com/. Thanks for the photo!




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