Greetings from WEG: Totilas and Ravel Meet in Dressage Competition for the First Time Today

Moorlands Totilas and Edward Gal left soon after Ravel arrived.

It’s raining here in Lexington, Kentucky but that’s not why many of us have goosebumps. We’re wondering what will happen tomorrow (Tuesday) in the big dressage arena when 2010 World Cup winner Moorlands Totilas of The Netherlands meets 2009 World Cup winner Ravel of the USA. The two have never met in competition before.

In dressage terms, this is Zenyatta vs Rachel Alexandra. Both are Dutch in origin, and yet both have very different styles. I was lucky enough to watch them both school on Sunday.

Tomorrow’s competition is part of the WEG Dressage Team World Championship. It began today, and The Netherlands is in the lead, with Germany in second place. The highest placed ride has been by Imke Schellekens-Bartels of The Netherlands on Hunter Douglas Sunrise.

Tomorrow, most anything could happen. We will also see stars like Adelinde Cornelissen, Isabell Werth of Germany, and Laura Bechtolsheimer of Great Britain–any one of whom can steal the day and make it her own. The title traditionally belongs to Germany–will this be the year that the Netherlands wrenches it from their firm grasp or will they hold on?

Or might even Great Britain have the stuff to take over if someone at the top falters? It’s a huge arena, the weather may be a factor and this could be anyone’s medal. Anyone, that is, with a super team, super horses, and nerves of steel.

Photos ? Fran Jurga

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