Four Schools of Classical Art of Dressage Will Perform in Paris in November

What: World Premiere of the “FOUR EQUESTRIAN ART SCHOOLS”

When: 23, 24 & 25 November 2007

Where: Omnisports Stadium of Paris-Bercy

Remember “The Three Tenors”? The equestrian world will have its equivalent in a few weeks.

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna (Austria), The Cadre Noir of Saumur (France), The Royal Andalusian Horse School of Jerez (Spain) and The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art of Lisbon (Portugal) will perform together for the first time ever, in the world, during three unique performances.

The show will present the most beautiful performances of each school and their training philosophies. Some scenes will be done with the four schools in the arena at same time.

This special show will showcase 45 high-level riders, led by the four chief riders, with 80 horses coming from each school. Breeds to be represented are the Lipizzans of Austria, the Anglos Arabs of France, the Pures Races Espagnoles (PRE, formerly known as Andalusians) and the Lusitaniens Alter Real (Lusitanos) of Portugal.

A brief promo video (French narration) has been posted at the site where you order tickets.

Warning: Tickets start at $US80 (approx) for the cheap seats…




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