Florida Division of Animal Industry: Official EHV-1 Outbreak Information

A statement has been issued by the Florida Division of Animal Industry in Tallahassee following a sick horse’s removal from the HITS Ocala show in Central Florida last night.

A single case of Equine Herpes Virus in Ocala, Florida has set a series of biosecurity measures into motion, including an announcement from state animal health officials. (Photo by Zlatko Unger)

A horse participating in the Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS), horse show in Ocala was referred to the University of Florida, College of

Veterinary Medicine after showing clinical?neurological signs on February 20th.

The horse subsequently tested positive for the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1). There are no additional confirmed cases at this time. The Division of Animal Industry has begun a disease investigation, which includes the?HITS show grounds in Ocala and the local index farm.

Currently, both the index farm and?Tent 7 at HITS are under state quarantine. HITS management, trainers and veterinarians are cooperating fully to ensure proper safeguards are taken to prevent further spread of?the disease.

We are asking all those in the equine community to practice prudent bio-security on their?farm and to report any suspected cases of EHV-1.

For reporting, you may call 850-410-0900 Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm and 1-800-342-5869 after hours and?weekends.

Frequent informational updates will be provided on the?Division of Animal Industry website.


More information:

Ocala HITS Show Responds to EHV Threat at Showgrounds in Florida

No Ship-Ins from Ocala, Increased Biosecurity Protocols at Palm Beach International in Wellington




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