Fire at Cornell University Equine Research Center Did Not Injure Animals

A fire broke out Tuesday afternoon in a barn at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Equine Research Center annex, according to multiple news reports from media in Ithaca, New York where the campus is located.

Fire engulfed a barn today at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Equine Research Station Annex. Photo by Mark Anbinder.

Reports indicate that the fire did not involve or injure any horses housed at the complex. Firefighters arrived at the scene and went to work controlling the fire, which lit up the skyline of Ithaca. (See the?Ithaca Journal slide show of the fire.)

More information is expected on Wednesday, including the cause and exact location of the fire.

According to the University’s web site, the Annex consists of a 24-stall barn, paddocks, and pastures with run-in sheds. The Annex also is the location of a separate USDA-approved quarantine facility where horses are tested for contagious equine metritis (CEM). The Annex is part of the University’s 165-acre Equine Park, which serves as a farm-based research center for the vet college and is home to more than 100 horses. The park is located about a mile from the main vet school campus.

Thanks to the Ithaca Journal and WVBR for their quick reports on the fire.




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