FEI Veterinarians Will Study Endurance Horse Health in Dubai

(edited from a press release received today from FEI)

The Federation Equestrian International (FEI), the world-wide governing body of equestrian sports, has announced a new scientific study on Endurance horses in competition.

A number of horses, who will compete at an FEI event to be held in Dubai tomorrow, will be studied by a group of Scientists, headed by Dr David Marlin (GBR) and assisted by a panel of Vets headed by Dr Bobby Surendra Babu BL (IND).

Information will be obtained both before, during and after the event to enable the FEI to investigate the effects of top level endurance sport on competition horses.

Dr Marlin’s comments: “We are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity provided to us by the Dubai Equestrian Club which will allow us to study elite endurance horses under truly competitive desert ride conditions. We have recently studied elite horses competing in the UK and this work will allow us to build up a clearer picture of the elite horse, especially in relation to warmer conditions.

He continues: “A small international team of respected scientists and veterinary surgeons (Dr Pat Harris, UK; Dr Hal Schott, USA; Dr Rod Fisher, UK; Dr Ray Geor, USA) will join me in Dubai to carry out the work. We will be examining weight loss, water consumption, heart function and looking at changes in the blood during and following the ride.

In summary: “This information will form part of the overall review of endurance being undertaken by the FEI and help ensure we protect the health and welfare of the horses in this fast developing and highly competitive sport”.

The FEI is grateful to the Dubai Equestrian Club for the valued assistance in the project.

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