Favorite Art: A Perfect Horse for the Fourth of July and a Preview of One of This Summer’s Leading Events

Don’t you agree? This red-white-and-blue gesture depends a lot on negative space to create the unmistakable image of a horse’s head, and it’s one of my favorite logos in a long time.

Just when you think you have seen a horse’s head interpreted every possible way, some creative mind takes it to a new dimension!

Surprise, surprise, though–this horse is not an American creation at all.

This image will represent the Alltech FEI European Dressage and Showjumping Championships, which will take place at England’s famed Windsor Castle outside London in late August. Yes, the Queen Herself has invited everyone over to her suburban home for a very special competition.

With the announcement of title sponsorship by the American-based international animal nutrition giant Alltech, the Europeans have more of a tie to the USA than previously thought. Alltech, of course, is also the title sponsor of the FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky next year.

This beautiful artwork was created by Brand Electioneering, a British marketing firm.

To learn more about the plans for the Alltech FEI European Championships, watch this little video of the announcement of Alltech’s sponsorship, hosted by the event’s managing director Simon Brooks-Ward with Dr Pearce Lyons of Alltech…and some surprise guests at the end.

A press release about the event deems it “the most important equestrian event to be held in the United Kingdom this decade”. Some US riders may qualify to compete in the non-championship events.

Thanks to Showjumping Unplugged for releasing this tape.




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