Euthanasia Day: California Non-Profit Helps Horseowners Avoid Slaughter

A few weeks ago I wrote an impassioned blog post calling for reform in the options that horse owners have when choosing to sell or put down an unwanted horse. Among my ideas was that I suggested that AAEP member veterinarians work out a way to subsidize euthanasia on certain days to make it more affordable for owners.

Imagine my surprise today when the Fugly Horse of the Day blog spotlighted a California equine rescue group that is full to the gills with needy horses…and still answering way to many calls from owners with the rote, “Sorry, we’re full…” message, knowing that the horse may end up at an auction and then be shipped to a Mexican slaughterhouse.

NorCal Equine Rescue in Oroville is offering euthanasia clinics; the first will be held on December 17th. Financially-strapped horse owners can have their horses euthanized for $25, only about 10% the cost that a veterinarian normally charges. The balance of the fee is to be paid by donations…and with a little publicity from the Fugly Blog, the donations have begun.

Click here to read how the group has planned out the euthanasia clinc, and what the circumstances are in northern California. I don’t think they would mind if others copied their idea, but let’s give them credit for this one. It is sad to think that it is even necessary, but this option should spare a good number of horses the trauma of the auction and a long long truck ride to a tragic death.

If you can, please donate to the euthanasia initiative. There’s a PayPal link (“Donate” button) on the site to make it easy for you.




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