Equine Flu Disrupts Australian University Life, Students’ Progress


It’s spring at the University of Queensland, just a few weeks left until graduation. But students in the equine sciences and vet school will be getting first-hand experience with handling sick horses, as Equine Influenza seems to be affecting the first horses on campus.

It is expected that all of the 130 horses on campus will contract the disease and will be quarantined for up to seven weeks. This includes research horses; many Americans are aware that the University of Queensland is the home of the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit, the world’s leading research center for that disease.As a result, the university has filed these plans for protocol:

? All work with horses will cease immediately, including classes, riding and research;

? All areas with horses will be placed in quarantine with only a limited number of people designated for the care and welfare of animals being allowed into this area;

? Vehicle and personnel decontamination protocols will be put in place;

? All horse areas will be cordoned off to restrict entry of unauthorised personnel. Only essential vehicles will be allowed into these areas.

Students will be required to make up time lost from horse-related classes in the next semester.

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