Equine Charity Knows that Kids Love to Draw Horses

What does a horse look like in a child’s drawing? The sketches of children around the world are quite different and The Brooke Hospital for Animals wants to show you.

Each year the Brooke’s network of clinics and 72 mobile vet units reach over 650,000 animals in need in poor nations. Brooke vets and community workers treat illness and injury and pass on welfare knowledge to children and adults alike in entire communities. Their veterinary units are often first into natural disaster and war triage zones, working on the belief that horses are needed to help with recovery.

The Brooke recently partnered with National Geographic Kids magazine to award children for their artistic renderings of their favorite horses. The image above of a well-kept pony in England was one of the winners. How different might an image from a child in Ethiopia or Bengladesh be?

There’s a chance that more Americans might soon get a glimpse into the spirit of The Brooke and the events that led to its establishment. A highly-praised new novel that has been very popular in Europe will be published in the USA this spring. Our Horses in Egypt by Rosalind Belben is the story of a beloved horse donated to the military by a wealthy woman in England at the beginning of World War I.

At the war’s end, the British, American and Australian armies abandoned tens of thousands of hard-working military horses in the Middle East that had been farm horses, hunters, polo ponies and pets at home.

When the soldiers who survived returned to the little villages they had left, the horses who had volunteered did not return. In this novel, a heart-broken horse owner sets out to rescue her horse and bring her home. Our Horses in Egypt tells what she would find as she searches for her horse.

Read a review of the book here.




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