Edward Gal Will Visit Totilas in Germany

It sounds so romantic. The website for CHIO Aachen published a nice interview today with world champion dressage rider Edward Gal.

It reminds me of the breakup of Astaire and Rogers or of Simon and Garfunkle. Or Larry King trying to get the Beatles back together. Maybe if they could just sing one song…dance one dance?

Edward doesn’t want to run into his former partner in the middle of a barn aisle at some horse show. So he’s accepted an invitation to travel to Germany to visit Totilas at the training stable of the stallion’s new rider, Matthias Rath. Edward was invited by Totilas’s new co-owner, Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff, who is also Matthias’s step-mother.

This way, their reunion can be private. Personal. Somehow I expect a legion of photographers and a documentary film crew will also want to come along to witness the reunion between the great partners. Add me to the list!

I know the cynics out there are saying that it’s really a training tuneup session, but I’ll stick with the romantic version.

Read CHIO Aachen’s Totilas chat with Edward Gal and decide for yourself.

An article about Edward and Totilas, published in the new issue of the semi-annual magazine for Aachen, is titled “Goose Bumps in the Ring”.

Yes, we remember.




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