No Translations or Umbrellas Needed: A Dressage Rider’s Beautiful Day in the Rain (Video)

Swedish dressage rider Tinne Vilhelmson Silfv?n and her horse Don Auriello scored their second victory earlier this month at the World Dressage Masters in Munich, Germany. They won both the Grand Prix and the Freestyle to music.

But there’s more to a professional dressage rider’s day that donning a shadbelly coat and entering the arena. There are hours of ?preparation, coaching of student riders, mentally preparing for the ride, the ride itself, the awards ceremony and the press conference.

And all in the rain.

Earlier this year, Tinne won the World Dressage Masters ?competition in Florida.

Tinne and Don Auriello’s classic freestyle was arranged by Cees Sling, who also produced this video. It’s a stroke of genius to create a mini-documentary like this that has no sound other than the music added by the maestro. We can only wonder if Tinne and her crew are speaking in Swedish or German or English, and the answer doesn’t matter since we get the message, loud and clear, without hearing a word.

If you could hear the music, you’d hear that Don Auriello is dancing to the pounding rhythm of The Who’s rock opera “Tommy”, which was recorded and arranged for Tinne by Slings before her 11th place Olympic Dressage Freestyle performance in London last August.

Watch Tinne’s freestyle come together in another innovative video:




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