Dr. Larry Bramlage Honored by Turf Writers

Above: Dr. Larry Bramlage thinks on his feet during a live interview at a televised horse race. (AAEP photo)

The National Turf Writers Association has announced that Dr. Larry Bramlage will be the 2007 recipient of the Joe Palmer Award, named for the former New York Herald Tribune turf writer and presented annually for meritorious service to racing.

Dr. Bramlage is the renowned equine orthopedic surgeon responsible for developing many new procedures and for working on high-profile horses in need of leg surgery. While his day job may be as head surgeon at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Bramlage has become well-known to the American public as one of the veterinarians who represents the AAEP in its “On Call” program to provide veterinary commentary on nationally-televised horse races.

In 2006, Dr. Bramlage had the tough assignment of providing expertise to the audience of the Preakness Stakes when Barbaro broke his leg. Dr. Bramlage was at the finish line and was trying to interpret reports sqeacking in his earphone from far up the track. Later, he had to speculate on what was going on in Barbaro’s stall on the backstretch as he was prepared for transport to New Bolton Center. He remained remarkably cool on camera.

Bramlage is the second veterinarian to received the Joe Palmer Award; last year it was presented to Dr. Dean Richardson and the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center for their work with Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro.




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