Disaster Planning: Are Left-Behind Horses Better off Left In or Out?


Texas A&M University Extension Specialist Dr Brett Scott continues his disaster planning advice with one of the most difficult dilemmas a horse owner can face: if you have to evacuate and can't take your horses (or all the horses at a location), what is the safest way to set up the left-behind animals?

I'd write more but I'm going to the lumberyard to buy three sheets of plywood and a a can of neon spray paint. And I'm going to hide them in a safe place where they won't get used for something else!

That's one thing Dr. Brett doesn't mention: the time to buy storm supplies like plywood and tarps is not when a storm is coming. The stores will be sold out. Invest in those items when they are on sale and store them away.

Thanks to Extension.org for making this video public.