Desperate Dressage:: Wisteria Lane Leads Nicollette Sheridan to Vienna and the Spanish Riding School

by Fran Jurga | 29 March 2009 | The Jurga Report

The Lipizzaners of the Spanish Riding School are used to visitors. And they’re used to celebrities, dignitaries, royal monarchs and even jet-lagged journalists like me. They pretty much take it all in stride.

A special guest recently at the stables in Vienna was Hollywood actress Nicollette Sheridan, star of the Desperate Housewives television show here in America. Ms. Sheridan was in town for a celebrity appearance at the Vienna Opera Ball.

A keen rider and horse-lover herself, she insisted on spoiling some of the School stallions with carrots and sugar lumps.

Our friends at the Spanish Riding School write in their understated way, “Although she would have loved to be able to ride and was beautifully turned out in pure white breeches, boots and waistcoat, this was one wish that could not be fulfilled.”

Welcome to the club, Nicollette! One thing you learn in the first five minutes at the Spanish Riding School: The Lipizzaners are the celebrities, no matter who you are!

Aficionados of the Spanish Riding School might be interested to go back in time and read my Equisearch blog about the SRS 2005 Tour of the USA. Those were the days…

Photo provided by the Spanish Riding School: thank you! The stallion seems a bit wary of that coat!Click here for the tabloid version.




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