Delaware Farms Quarantined as EHV Monitoring Continues

Six farms in the state of Delaware are in quarantine until February 7 as state officials monitor horses for clinical signs of Equine Herpes Virus, Type 1 (EHV-1).Most of the farms are located in Kent County.

While several horses on the farms tested positive for EHV, the investigators are looking for horses showing signs of elevated temperature and other signs of the disease.

An update from the state dated 31 January clarifies: “Merely finding the neuropathogenic form of EHV-1 on a nasal swab does not constitute a ‘case’. A case is defined as clinically infected (neurologic disease) with positive EHV-1 PCR test results. The original 21-day quarantine was a result of the index case showing signs of disease (down, unable to get up, requiring euthanasia) and a positive nasal swab test result. Since the original index case, there have been no new cases, hence the original 21-day quarantine will stand.”

Anne Fitzgerald, Chief of Community Relations for the Delaware Department of Agriculture confirmed today that no additional cases or quarantines have been added to the state’s list.

For foreign readers: Delaware is a small state on the east coast of the United States near the cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington. Both Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing are active in the state, along with show and pleasure horses of all types. Delaware is in the middle of the north-south corridor of horse transport. Horses ship into, out of, and through Delaware constantly.




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