Congratulations to Horse Groups Riding in the Obama Inaugural Parade

by Fran Jurga | 12 January 2009 | The Jurga Report at

Colorado’s Freedom Riders are saddling up for the trip to Washington DC next week.

Lots of horse groups are checking in and announcing that they have been invited to be part of the Obama inaugural parade in Washington DC next week. This is very exciting and here’s a list of some of the horses you’ll be able to see:

? Four Lipizzan horses from Tempel Farms in Wadsworth, Illinois;? Southern Ohio Ladies Aside, a women’s sidesaddle riding club, will be turned out in capes, caps and skirts modeled after what a Civil War era officer’s wife might have worn. At least one will be sidesaddle on Bud the Clydesdale!? Colorado’s Freedom Riders is a group of women who formed a color guard to honor US servicemen and -women.? Governor Barry Schweitzer of Montana will ride in the parade, as will the entire congressional delegation from Montana (I want to see this!) and 20 Crow mounted horsemen.? Fourteen troopers from the Mounted Color Guard from Fort Riley in Kansas, dressed in Civil War military clothes, will be riding horses on the parade route.? Culver Academies in Indiana is sending 100 student riders and their horses.? Ten Border Patrol agents from Washington State will ride their American Mustangs, obtained from BLM stock.

Let me know if I have left out a group so I can add them and their link to the list!

You can keep up with details on the parade and the inauguration ceremony at the official web site, which features a great blog.

And, PS: don’t even think about trying to go to the parade. It’s sold out!




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