Cairo’s Brooke Hospital for Animals Photos and Appeal for Egyptian Horses

Help the Brooke Hospital treat the horses of Egypt

Horses brought to meet the veterinary teams? yesterday. All photos ? The Brooke

Some mornings, you just don’t know what you’ll see in an email when you turn on the computer. The Jurga Report received an urgent email this morning from the The Brooke, parent charity of the Brooke Hospital for Animals in Cairo. But Heather Walker, communications officer for The Brooke in London, also sent over a link to her latest Egyptian photo album.

Many of them were so disturbing I couldn’t even post them here. These are bad enough.

I thought about all my friends who have been lucky enough to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids and the treasures in the Egyptian museum and shop in the bazaar. They used to send me photo albums too. One of the most popular shots would be of one of my friends sitting on a hired trekking horse in front of the pyramids.

If you’ve “been there and done that”–where do you think that horse is now?

It may well be standing in a line to be seen for free vet care by a vet working for The Brooke. Or it may be waiting for The Brooke and other animal charities to deliver some donated feed.

The Brooke has launched an urgent appeal to help at least 2,000 working animals?suffering as a result of the political crisis in Egypt. They’ve helped more than a thousand?horses, donkeys and mules?across the country so far, working in concert with other animal welfare organizations.

Today five Brooke mobile teams are providing treatment and food to tourism animals in the pyramid area of Giza?on the outskirts of?Cairo. The mobile veterinary team in Edfu has also distributed food to 35 animal owners and treated 394 animals.

Elsewhere, food packs have been given to 186 owners–enough to feed each of their?horses for a week.

The shutdown of commerce in and through Cairo meant that there has been no way to get food to horses. Companion animals in Cairo are also suffering, since the stores were looted. Animal shelters ran out of food and cleaning supplies. Foreign nationals who were forced to flee when the demonstrations grew serious were not allowed to take their pets with them. You can imagine the stress that the shelter organizations in Cairo are under.

But The Brooke’s Cairo clinic – founded more than 75 years ago – remains open, and, since the demonstrations have quieted down, their mobile veterinary teams have been able to get out on the roads and are now providing emergency treatment and feed, particularly in the main tourist centers of Giza, Luxor, Edfu and Aswan.? Over the next month, the Brooke will provide feed to at least 2,000 animals.

A donation to The Brooke at this time will help them continue their work in Egypt; all monies raised from this appeal will be used to purchase emergency feed for animals currently suffering in Egypt.? In the event that more money is raised than is required for this immediate need,? donations will be used to fund ongoing work and activities in Egypt, including providing veterinary care and community awareness programs.

If you can spare a moment and a few dollars for the horses caught so helplessly in the political upheaval in Egypt, the Brooke has a simple web site donation form to follow. Remember that in the best of times, these horses don’t have a great life, and that the Brooke is always at work in Cairo (as well as other emergency and impoverished areas where horses need help) to provide free veterinary care.

The Brooke’s online donation form allows you to donate in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, as well as in Euros or British pounds. I hope you can help these people who are there to help the horses. Click here to donate.

Watch for more news from The Brooke and other horse-helping charities on The Jurga Report.




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