Beyond Pepper Spray: Launch Your Holidays with Bergdorfs’ Ultimate Animal-Friendly Video

Everyone’s horrified by the news of violence among and to shoppers over the recent Black Friday. “Whatever happened to the true meaning of the holiday?” we ask other.

Have you heard enough about pepper spraying shoppers and parking lot brawls© Let’s get back to the spirit of the holidays…”Salty”, the little star of our show, will be our guide!

If you need to get back on track or are looking a reason to “adopt” a jolly attitude this year, watch this video–sort of a feature-length public service announcement–produced by Bergdorf Goodman, one of the true landmarks of fashion on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. “Unleashed” was a joint project between the store and The Humane Society of New York.

So you think Bergdorfs is a staid, snobby Manhattan store? You haven’t seen what happens when Salty comes to the door!

[VIDEOSINGLE type=”youtube” keyid=”5vb8kGLfhpM”, width=”560″, height=”344″]

Bergdorf Goodman really is one of New York’s signature shops. It’s straight out of Mad Men, was Carrie’s favorite place to shop in Sex and the City and, in spite of the passing years, it seems to improve with age.

The window-dressing at Bergdorf’s will stop even the most hurried New Yorker in his or her tracks, and they’ve been known to jam up the sidewalks at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street. Quite often, it seems, animals show up in Bergdorf’s windows–and sometimes that includes horses. But not just any horses.

Here’s a little gallery of some images from Bergdorf’s windows, including some horses of the past and present.

Bergdorf’s windows can make you stop and look. And cause a sidewalk traffic jam! Is that Kermit??Photo by?Eremi

I think this gentlemanly horse is one of my favorites from past holiday windows at Bergdorfs. Photo by Wally Gobetz

These horses look like they are topiary but look closer! Photo by?Cristin?Maiolino

This is my favorite image of a Bergdorfs holiday window. It’s blurry and shadowy, like the ghost of a Christmas past. Photo by Brookelj.

This year’s windows are themed “The Carnival of the Animals” and there are some horses in there! How much planning did it take to create this??Image from the Bergdorf blog.


Historically speaking: Two well-dressed women wave from a carriage during a dressmakers’ strike against Bergdorfs, probably in the 1920s. This photo is from the International Ladies Garment Workers Union photo archive at the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation at Cornell University. Why were they on strike? Bergdorfs was the first store to introduce ready-to-war clothing for women.

If I could job-shadow someone for a day, I might choose a New York City window dresser, like this one at Bergdorfs. They make magic. Photo by Jonathan Greenwald.

[VIDEOSINGLE type=”youtube” keyid=”KeRrIdOXVow”, width=”560″, height=”344″]

If you’re interested in how the windows come together, watch this! And see some of last year’s window-horses and horse-themed sets.

Happy holidays to Salty and all the other homeless animals out there. Remember them in your gift-giving plans. Thanks to Bergdorfs for taking on this project and for the wonderland of blog and Tumblr resources available from the store. This store’s heart is in the right place this year, where’s yours? Organizations like The Humane Society of New York might be able to help you there…




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