ASPCA Praises New Colorado Law Requiring Veterinarians to Report Animal Abuse

This just in from the ASPCA:

NEW YORK, July 13, 2007 ? The ASPCA? (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?) has praised a new Colorado law that requires veterinarians to report any case in which they suspect an animal is being abused or involved in fighting. The legislation went into effect on July 8.

In addition to suspected cases of animal abuse, the law also requires veterinarians to report cases in which they suspect animal neglect, which includes failing to provide adequate shelter in extreme heat or cold, as well as failing to provide adequate food or water.

“We are extremely gratified that Colorado has passed this important legislation,” said Ed Sayres, president & CEO of the ASPCA. “We believe that staying vigilant in reporting signs of animal cruelty in our communities is one of the most successful means of preventing it. It is our hope that other states will follow Colorado’s example and establish similar legislation.”

The law was modeled after similar legislation wherein medical doctors must report signs of potential child abuse or neglect in patients. Eleven other states have passed similar animal abuse prevention laws. To learn how you can help fight animal cruelty in your community, please visit

Blogger’s comment: I wonder what the penalty is for not reporting abuse/neglect? And if there is any funding for enforcement of the law and education of veterinarians on how to report abuse (and how to recognize it and maintain good community relations), or is this an example of a “feel good” law without any teeth?




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