AQHA Foundation’s “Refrigerator Fund” Will Support Research on Head Trauma Injuries in Horses

(via press release)

September 27, 2007 – The American Quarter Horse Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of the Refrigerator Fund to the equine research program. This fund to support research for critically injured horses is in honor of American Quarter Horse racing’s all-time leading money earner and multiple world champion Refrigerator.

The fund was graciously created by Jim and Marilyn Helzer of Arlington, Texas, in memory of their beloved champion.

“Refrigerator was a horse that touched the heart of every American Quarter Horse owner, trainer, jockey and fan; he was America’s Quarter Horse,” said Jim Helzer. “A research program for head trauma will once again raise the bar to a new level that will assist veterinarians worldwide in treating all horses that suffer from a severe head injury.”

The Foundation will award funding for research in the areas of trauma prevention, treatment, diagnostics, hospitalization and prognosis. Funding decisions will be based on scientific merit, clinical application and potential benefit to the horse and horse industry.

“It is our hope that this comprehensive effort will provide horses with critical injuries a new hope for recovery and a possible return to function,” said Gary Carpenter, executive director of the Foundation.

Since 1960, the American Quarter Horse Foundation has awarded more than $6 million to benefit the health, welfare and utility of the American Quarter Horse. Grants for this specialized head trauma research are in addition to current funding available. Funding will be awarded beginning October 2008.

For more information on the equine research program, visit

Deadline for submission of research proposals is December 1, 2007. To obtain an application, contact Laura Owens with the Foundation at (806) 378-5034 or [email protected].




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