A New Fly Mask for the Little Guys

Everyone loves spring because the bugs aren’t such a problem, but it won’t be long now. Start planning how you will help your horses survive the hordes of black flies, midges, greenheads, and mosquitoes this summer, because the tack shops and catalogers’ warehouses are all stocked up…and the shelves will be bare when the bug season hits hardest. It’s like buying a bathing suit or a winter coat: the best time to buy one is when that item isn’t yet needed.

Miniature horse owners are always complaining about the fly mask shortage for their horses’ head sizes. Believe it or not, mini heads are not shaped like horse foal heads and the foal size fly masks don’t fit right on a lot of minis. Farnam has just announced two new sizes of their Supermask for miniature horses; it’s the official fly mask of the American Miniature Horse Registry.

So you can get those minis out of the air-conditioned family room and out into a field this summer!




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