19th Annual Equine Reproduction Workshop in Vermont

The University of Vermont (“UVM”) Morgan Horse Farm, the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute, and the Middlebury (Vermont) Large Animal Clinic will host the 19th Annual Reproduction Workshop beginning the afternoon of Friday, March 30 and continuing for a full day on Saturday, March 31, 2007.

The Workshop will be held at the Middlebury Inn, 14 Court Square, in Middlebury, Vermont, which is near the UVM Morgan Farm and the Middlebury Large Animal Clinic.

Dr. Donald Hunt and associates are skilled veterinary practitioners in equine reproduction and physiology. They will discuss managing the uses of lights, hormones, and ultrasound in a breeding program; anatomy and physiology of the mare and stallion; embryo transfer; artificial insemination; and foaling/neonatal care.

The topics covered by Dr. Josie Davis of the University of Vermont’s Equine Studies Program and Katie Ballard, Director of Research and Equine Program Coordinator at Miner Institute, will include updates on materials, techniques and procedures for collecting, processing and transporting fresh-cooled and frozen stallion semen.

The staff of the UVM Morgan Horse Farm, Miner Institute and the veterinarians will guide workshop participants through hands-on participation and demonstrations of ultrasound, teasing procedures, semen collection and processing, artificial insemination and frozen semen handling. The important step of training the inexperienced stallion to the breeding phantom is also demonstrated.

The registration fee of $250 includes workshop materials and meals. Spaces are limited to 25 participants and become filled well in advance.

Call the UVM Morgan Horse Farm at (802) 388-2011, Monday through Friday, for further information.




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