Stall-bar entrapment: Living a horseowner's nightmare
After a freak accident leaves a young gelding dangling in his stall by a single fetlock, his survival and recovery are far from assured.
Equine West Nile Virus reported in four states so far this month
Vaccination against the virus is considered a "core" immunization, recommended for every horse in the United States.
First report of equine West Nile Virus in Colorado for 2021
A Weld County horse is recovering after contracting the viral disease.
tiktok picture
Olympic "Rave Horse" goes viral on TikTok
The musical freestyle routine of Steffan Peters and Mopsi has enchanted users of the popular app.
A person picking out a horse's hoof
Hoof Care Resources
Check out these companies for hoof-care products and supplies.
boston police horses
Massachusetts State Police mounted unit is in search of new "recruits."
The organization is looking for taller, sound geldings between the ages of five and 16.
microscopic view of rabies virus
Florida horse euthanized due to rabies
Vaccination against the virus is recommended for all horses, regardless of life stage, lifestyle or location.
drinking from bucket
QUIZ: Equine stomach size
What holds more: Your horse's stomach or his water bucket?
Search underway for chubby, unruly pony to star in "Thelwell" movie
The beloved British equestrian cartoon series is coming to the big screen as a live-action feature film
Fly-Fighting Options
Check out these companies to help control the pest population on your farm.
microscopic view of rabies virus
Adams County, Colorado horse contracts rabies
The 12-year-old Miniature horse was euthanatized earlier this month.
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Horse goes viral for antics in maternity photo session
Buckshot was told to "smile" and was more than happy to oblige.