Get your horse back into shape

Although your conditioning program will need to be customized based on your horse's specific needs, you can start with this basic framework for bringing back a healthy, young horse who was previously fit.

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New Online Resource Offers Horse Behavior Information

Three scientists recently launched a YouTube Channel that presents videos on a variety of equine behavior and training topics.

7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse promo image

7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse

Make the most of your trail outing this season by revisiting a few basic training exercises now.

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When dominant body language can backfire when working with horses

Taking more submissive body postures when working with horses can be more helpful in certain situations.

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Make the most of longeing sessions

Take steps to make sure your longeing sessions are safe and productive.


Three Minute Horsemanship

In this exclusive excerpt from her new book, trainer Vanessa Bee explains how short training sessions built around “mini-successes” help horses learn more quickly and happily.

Do not take your horse back to the trail until you believe you have established an acceptable level of trust, respect and behavior that is safe in your arena. ©EQUUS Magazine

A Terror on the Trail

Before taking your horse out on the trail, establish an acceptable level of trust, respect and good behavior.

A yellow horse crossing sign with a red barn in the background

How to Safely Cross a Road

Cars, slick surfaces and other dangers can make crossing the street dangerous. Follow these tips to get you and your horse across safely and quickly.

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Protect yourself from kicks

Even the most easygoing horse can send out an unexpected kick. Follow these precautions around all horses to keep yourself unharmed.

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Clear Cues for the Canter Depart

Trainer Julie Goodnight explains what to do if your horse is misreading the cue to canter.

Retired horses can make excellent pasturemates. Photo © EQUUS

Choosing a Pasture Companion

While some horses are fine being an "only child," others may benefit by having a friend in the field.

If your horse's ears are pointed backward but not pinned, it often means he's listening to something behind him.

How to Read Your Horse's Body Language

Subtle changes in your horse's posture, expression and movements can provide important clues to what he is thinking.

A man loading a horse into a trailer

Can horses learn to load by watching each other?

A behavior expert explains how research has recently proven that horses can learn from the examples of others.

Physical Causes of Canter Lead Problems promo image

Physical Causes of Canter Lead Problems

When your horse won't pick up the correct lead, poor training isn't usually to blame.

A young woman riding a bay horse at a trot

Training Your Horse Through the Trot

Here's how to utilize the the trot to develop a focused, supple and straight horse.

Controlling Show-Ring Nerves promo image

Controlling Show-Ring Nerves

With practice you can keep your emotions in check during competition, helping your horse keep his cool as well.

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Clicker Training for Horses

Using a clicker to train your horse to play fetch, kick a ball and do other tricks is fun---and it can help you build a stronger partnership on the ground and under saddle.

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Break Your Horse's Trail-Snacking Habits

A horse who eats on the trail isn't paying attention to his rider. Here's how to redirect his focus.


Teaching a horse to lift his hooves

Is your sound horse refusing to lift his feet? Here are a few tips on how to address the behavioral issues of your stubborn horse.

Show Skills for Every Horse promo image

Show Skills for Every Horse

Even if your horse never steps hoof in a show ring, there are some competition-related skills he should master.

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Use Hill Work to Improve a Horse's Self Carriage

California-based endurance trainer Kat Swigart describes how working a horse over hills can be used to achieve a specific goal: to relea