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Three Minute Horsemanship

In this exclusive excerpt from her new book, trainer Vanessa Bee explains how short training sessions built around “mini-successes” help horses learn more quickly and happily.

Do not take your horse back to the trail until you believe you have established an acceptable level of trust, respect and behavior that is safe in your arena. ©EQUUS Magazine

A Terror on the Trail

Before taking your horse out on the trail, establish an acceptable level of trust, respect and good behavior.


Remembering Sally Swift

The founder of Centered Riding was at her best when helping her students to understand how to use body awareness and imagery to ride better.

Matthew Mackay-Smith readies for the Tevis Cup. | All photos by Bobbie Lieberman

A Tevis Cup Journey

A journal of the Tevis Cup, the ultimate endurance rider's pilgrimage, a grueling journey through the Sierra Nevada that demands equal measures of fitness and faith. By Bobbie Lieberman for EQUUS magazine.