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Three things to do for a horse having a heaves flare-up

If an acute heaves episode occurs, call the veterinarian and then do these three things to help your horse.


4 facts about heaves in horses

Do you know the basics about equine asthma (commonly known as heaves)?


Troubling side effect of heaves discovered

New research from Canada suggests that the failure to control respiratory disease in horses puts them at risk for heart failure.


Inhalant therapy for horses with severe equine asthma now available in United States.

The Aservo® EquiHaler®(ciclesonide inhalation spray), an industry first in equine medicine, addresses an unmet need for horses with severe equine asthma

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Best beddings for horses with heaves

Turnout is usually best for a horse with chronic respiratory problems but if you have to keep him in a stall, some beddings are better than others.

A chestnut horse coughing

Stall-side test for respiratory infection

New research shows that a simple stall-side blood test can determine whether a horse’s cough is caused by infectious disease or a chronic inflammatory condition.

Four horses hang their heads over wooden stall doors inside a barn. The closest horse is a buckskin paint with a long forelock.

Dietary protein can affect air quality in horse stalls

Research data has shown that higher protein diets lead to significant increases in the nitrogen levels in urine, affecting air quality in a horse's stall.