closeup shot of legs of galloping horse during a turn
Study identifies genetic component in Thoroughbred fracture risk
Thin horse in stance typical of laminitis or founder
Laminitis: Action plan
EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Help for a Hoof Abscess promo image
Horse Health Tips: How to recognize an abscess
lameness check
Horse Health Tips: Recognizing lameness
Living Without Lameness in Horses promo image
Horse Health Tips: Understanding nerve blocks
Cover of EQUUS Key 11 on Soundness
Soundness strategies that work
Rider hosing down a horses legs
What's the latest thinking about cold hosing? 
A girl on horseback riding an arena
When your horse just doesn’t “feel right”
Horse in the riding arena in the portraits, with young rider in motion
4 simple rules for preserving soundness
Cons splints AdobeStock_227832799
Why horses develop splints
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Close up of a person's hand on a horse's withers.
Detecting back pain in horses
A foal, standing calmly and looking into the distance
Study finds no downside to early castration
horse grazing buttercups
Protect your horse from toxic buttercups
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases