Injuries and First Aid

Nile tilapia fish

Fish-Skin Dressing Shows Promise for Treating Equine Wounds

In a preliminary study from Egypt, horse wounds treated with a dressing made from the Nile tilapia fish seemed to heal more quickly.


6 signs that your horse's wound is infected

When your horse has a cut, scrape or gash, if you see any of these signs of trouble call your veterinarian.


"Should I call the veterinarian?"

If you ask EQUUS Managing Editor Christine Barakat this question, she's going to always answer the same way. And not because she doesn't know a lot about horse health care, but because she knows she doesn't know enough.

W.F. Young

Bubble-Wrap or Cotton Wool? When That ‘Special’ Horse Gets Hurt—Again

How to fix the equine that’s always getting into fixes? Here are some suggestions. There’s one in every barn: the equine that’s always getting into the most astonishing predicaments, despite all your precautions—and emerging black and blue (don't you wish you owned a bubble wrap blanket)?

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Positive prognosis for one type of poll injury

Researchers found that surgery resulted in improved outcomes in horses with an inflammatory injury to the cranial nuchal bursa.

A large, healing cut behind a horse's pastern

When wounds don't heal

To help figure out why some equine cuts, scrapes and lacerations fail to mend, an international wound-care expert has compiled a list of the top 12 healing inhibitors.

Close up of a veterinarian working on an ultrasound control board.

Multiple imaging technologies best in stifle diagnosis

For greater accuracy, researchers recommend using multiple imaging methods.

Snake Bite promo image

Snake Bite

The risk of your horse being bitten by a snake is low, but if it does happen, quick thinking on your part and prompt veterinary care are keys to a successful and uncomplicated recovery.

Grey horse with his neck outstretched and ears pinned back.

When Your Horse's Neck Hurts

Your horse's neck plays a critical role in his balance. Here are some tips for identifying injury or discomfort there.

Illustration of a horse highlighting the veins, arteries and heart.

Equine Blood Transfusions

A veterinarian and professor of equine surgery explains the unique challenges of blood transfusion in horses.

A white horse sticking his tongue slightly out of the side of his mouth.

Tongue Injuries

Wounds to your horse’s tongue can easily go unnoticed— but that doesn’t mean they can be ignored.


Safe & Successful Comebacks

After your horse has been sidelined due to injury or illness, you need to be careful when you return him to work. Here’s how to keep him healthy and happy after four common causes of lay-ups.

Flushing Equine Wounds: The First Step in Treatment promo image

Flushing Equine Wounds: The First Step in Treatment

Thoroughly rinsing a wound is a critical first step in keeping infection at bay.

Horses will often get splinters after breaking through fences.

Handling Splinters in Horses

A sliver of wood under your horse's skin can lead to a serious infection and complications.

A sudden swelling on a horse's leg is always cause for concern. Photo © EQUUS

An Unusual Tendon Injury

The odd location of a tendon injury turns out to be good news for a talented young cow horse.

Cover wounds if possible to reduce the chance of infection. Photo © EQUUS

How to Help Wounds Heal

Most minor skin wounds are not cause for worry. Still, you'll want to do everything you can to support the healing process.

horse nose fisheye

Tubing Troubles for a Colicky Horse

After a routine procedure for colic goes awry, a patient veterinarian with steady hands attempts a novel recovery.

Just like people, horses can be far- or nearsighted. © EQUUS

Corrective Eye Surgery For Horses

A veterinary ophthalmologist explains equine visual abnormalities, as well as when they need to be treated.

herd feeding

An Insidious Case of Pigeon Fever

A lump on a gelding"s chest ends up being more than just swelling as his owner learns the facts about a type of infection that"s growing in frequency.

The term colic refers to any pain in the gut.

Types of Colic

Here's a quick look at four common colic terminologies and what they mean.

Scratches, Rainrot and Other Equine Skin Conditions promo image

Scratches, Rainrot and Other Equine Skin Conditions

Here's how to recognize and treat some common equine skin conditions.

Using a Cooler to Prevent Chills promo image

Using a Cooler to Prevent Chills

An important part of any horse's winter wardrobe, coolers help hot horses cool down without the risk of chill.


When to Bandage Your Horse's Wound

Consider these three criteria when determining if a wound on your horse would be better off bandaged.