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Horse clothing

Blanketing horses (and burros) is not always necessary, even in the harshest of winter conditions, but you need to consider several factors to make the best decision for your equid.

When Horses Need Blankets

An equine expert helps a reader decide if she needs to blanket her burros and mustang during the cold winter months.

New Products for 2008: Gifts

Treat your friends, your horse or yourself to these great new gift ideas.

How Your Leather Tack is Tanned

The tanning process ensures that leather tack is durable yet flexible. By Emily Esterson for EQUUS magazine.

Leg Protection for Young Horses promo image

Leg Protection for Young Horses

Protecting the legs of young horses will save them from self-inflicted injuries. By Jayne Pedigo for

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Tips for Choosing Turnout Boots for Your Horse

When horseplay gets rough, get your horse some turnout boots to protect his legs. From the editors of EQUUS magazine.