Hoof Care & Shoeing

farrier driving nail into horse shoe on horse's hoof
Loose shoe: What to do?
Schedule a visit with your farrier as soon as you notice a loose shoe. But in the meantime, you’ll want to take steps to either keep it in place or remove it.
Young woman in plaid shirt enjoying her time spent with her horse at the stable.
‘My New Horse’: The go-to resource for new and returning horse owners
Equine Network partners with Absorbine and Sentinel Horse Feed to educate and support this entry-level audience.
Your Horse is Foot Sore. Now What?
Bumps, bruises and other trauma to your horse’s feet can leave him feeling “ouchy” and foot sore. If you’ve narrowed the source of pain down to his sole, there are a couple things you can do to help him...
White line disease on horse hoof
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 20: White line disease in horses
EQUUS “Farm Calls” is brought to you in 2022 by Farnam—Your Partner in Horse Care. “There is a lot of confusion about white line disease,” said Dr. Steve O’Grady, who worked as a professional farrier...
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A field guide to hoof cracks
Assessing, treating and preventing hoof wall defects
Hot hooves! How much do you know about your horse’s hoof health?
There’s an old saying among equestrians: “No hoof, no horse.” As the shock-absorbing foundation for 1,000-pound animals, healthy hooves are critical to a horse’s mobility and soundness—and success in the...
A person feeling a horse's fetlock
How to cope with ringbone
Medication, specialized farriery care and/or surgery help many horses with this type of arthritis remain sound and healthy for years.
Leg Guards
Biting Flies = Lost Shoe?
The Added Benefits of Fly Protection for your Horse’s Legs