When your horse colics in winter

Impactions are the most common cause of cold-weather colics but horses can develop any type of digestive upset at any time of year.

The term colic refers to any pain in the gut.

Lipoma: A disease of old age in horses

Strangulating lipoma is of growing importance in the equine population as the number of aging horses increases.


Prevent colic this winter

The risk of impaction colic increases dramatically for all horses in the winter, but there are things you can do to make it less likely.

Older horse grazing in a pasture

3 important facts about strangulating lipoma in horses

Here’s what you need to know about this type of colic most often found in older horses.

Scientific studies support the fact that horses who spend more time on pasture are less likely to colic than those who are kept in stalls.

What every horse needs after colic surgery

Post-op physical therapy helps horses recovering from colic return to work more quickly and perform better.

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The science of colic prevention

Studies can tell us about the influence of management factors on average. But geographic location, activity level, preventive care programs and other specific factors influence the experiences of individuals or small groups of horses.

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Good news about recovery from colic surgery

The long-term prognosis for horses who survive colic surgery is positive,


When probiotics might help your horse

These products are designed to aid a horse’s digestion by restoring the balance of gut microflora disturbed as a result of illness, stress or medication.

Walking a horse isn't a magical cure for colic and, in some cases, can make the situation worse.

Do you have to walk a colicky horse?

Nearly every horse owner has been told that a horse with a painful gut needs to be walked. But is that even true?

The term colic refers to any pain in the gut.

Albert's odd ailment

What seemed like a simple case of gastric ulcers turned out to be a rare condition that required risky surgery.

Horse looking out of the back of a trailer

Why you shouldn't feed grain in the trailer

A "to-go" meal could put your horse at risk of choke, ulcers or colic.

The term colic refers to any pain in the gut.

Types of Colic

Here's a quick look at four common colic terminologies and what they mean.

Horse drinking from a trough in winter.

Simple ways to prevent winter colic

Minimize your horse's chance of colic during winter's coldest months.