EQUUS Chart: Gauge Your Horse's Vital Signs
Gauge your horse's internal condition with the help of this vital signs chart from the editors of EQUUS...
A Case Report on Parrot Mouth promo image
A Case Report on Parrot Mouth
A veterinarian offers insight into managing the oral deformity known as parrot mouth. By Patty Latham,...
illustration of a horse's skull
How to handle horse head injuries
When a horse sustains a serious blow to the head, the consequences can be minor to catastrophic.
Illustration by Celia Strain
Case Report: Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery restores the vision of an Appaloosa gelding but complications threaten to plunge him...
Your horse's tail is a nature's fly swatter.
What your horse's tail tells you
Tails are vital communication centers for your horse, relaying messages about moods, health, energy and...
Audio Samples of Common Horse Sounds promo image
Audio Samples of Common Horse Sounds
Listen to audio recordings of horse sounds, including a whinny, nicker, blow and squeal. From the editors...
Treatment Options for Supernumerary Teeth promo image
Treatment Options for Supernumerary Teeth
Research indicates that the removal of extra teeth is necessary only if the horse's health or dental...
Illustration by Celia Strain
Researchers Study Equine Gene Chip
A new equine gene chip provides a shortcut for researchers. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine.
Close up of horse's eye
The Equine Color Vision Debate
Research suggests that horses do see color, with special adjustments for the species' visual needs.
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How to Identify Pastern Problems
Lumps below the fetlock on your horse's pastern can mean trouble. Here's how to identify irregularities...
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How Equine Bones Mend
Horses' bones mend with amazing success, especially with the help of modern medicine.
The Truth About Swaybacks
Here are the facts about those sagging toplines in horses.
Equine Biomechanics through Mental Images promo image
Equine Biomechanics through Mental Images
Positive mental imagery of equine biomechanics can make time spent in the saddle can be pleasant and...
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Cracking the Horse's Genetic Code
Genetic research is today's scientific frontier, disclosing information that will affect future equine...
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Tour Your Horse's Teeth
Learn about your horse's teeth and what makes them uniquely suited to the fibrous equine diet. By Joanne...
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