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Cover of EQUUS Key 11 on Soundness
Soundness strategies that work
Joints, muscles and hooves: They all take a pounding, whether your horse is circling barrels, jumping...
Equine joint health begins with you!
Whether it’s a knee, hock, stifle, fetlock or hip, sore joints are all too common in the horses we love,...
Your PPID questions answered
Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID)—also known as Cushing’s disease—is a complex yet common...
COVER REV3 EQ_EXTRA-VOL80 Fly Control_fnl_Page_01
Fly control tips and tricks
Buzz, swish, slap—here we go again! If fly season has you in a funk, this edition of the EQUUS Extra...

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Reduce feed-time tensions
Tips to improve your horse’s mealtime manners
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Keep your barn and property secure
Prevent horse, tack and trailer theft with these clever strategies.

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