Why do horses behave the way they do? We present the latest research on equine behavior and share advice from the world’s leading horse trainers and equine behaviorists.    


Telltale Bite Marks

The appearance of bite marks on your horse may be a sign of unrest in the herd. Try these tips to keep the peace.

Winter Wood Chewing in Horses promo image

Winter Wood Chewing in Horses

When the weather turns cold and wet, some horse may be more prone to chewing on wood. Here's how you can discourage that destructive behavior.


How to listen to your horse

Horses are asking us questions all the time, says the author of the book, Horse Speak, and with practice you can learn to answer appropriately—and start a meaningful conversation.

Closeup of horse eye. Horse is wearing bridle with gold browband.

Capture your horse's attention

By understanding your mount’s capacity for vigilance and expanding your own awareness, you can improve your partnership—and your ability to learn together.