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Increasing Your Horse’s Whole Body Wellness with Extruded Feed
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Understanding your horse's digestion
Old white horse on pasture
Speaking of PPID
Horses free run in green field
'Barn Stories,' Ep. 78: The beauty of it all
Nice brown horse running on the pasture in summer
Do you know the signs of PPID?
Gray horse head in profile on EQ Extra 89 cover
What we’ve learned about PPID
Closeup detail of herd of horse legs running
Speaking of joints
Portrait of a young man with horse
Exploring the Secret to Equine Wellness: The Essential Role of Low-Starch, Low-Sugar Diets
Piglet in Grass
Why are horses afraid of pigs? 
Owner checking horse teeth. Multicolored outdoors image
Do loose teeth always need to be removed?
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Active rest: Three ways to keep your horse in shape while preventing burnout
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Infographic: Understanding hindgut acidosis
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
An older brown and white pinto horse grazing in a field
What to do about age-related stiffness