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Three horses in Oswego County, New York, die of Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Caused by a virus that is spread mainly by mosquitoes, EEE disease damages a horse’s central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord.

A grey horse with a read bandage on his knee eating hay.

Is my horse accident-prone or something worse?

Neurological issues, soreness or lameness may be behind a horse’s frequent stumbles, trips and minor mishaps.

Summer is peak season for this disease caused by an organism that thrive in ponds, rivers and other waterways. Here’s how you can protect your horse.

Protect your horse from Potomac horse fever

Summer is peak season for this disease caused by an organism that thrive in ponds, rivers and other waterways. Here’s how you can reduce your horse's risk.

Prolonged exposure to the sun will not only fade a horse’s coat but can lead to sunburn and other problems.

4 things that can protect your horse from the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun will not only fade a horse’s coat but can lead to sunburn and other problems.

Strangles can be passed from horse to horse by direct contact.

More than a dozen horses exposed to strangles at Michigan farm

The property is under voluntary quarantine after a single confirmed case, with two other horses showing signs but testing negative.

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The EQUUS Insider, Spring 2021

Your guide to the latest in horse-related product, innovations and consumer trends.

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Horse in Santa Clara County, California tests positive for neurologic EHV-1

An undetermined number of other horses have been potentially exposed to the virus; local authorities encourage temperature monitoring and enhanced biosecurity measures.

Feral ponies being driving by mounted horsemen into water to swim to another island.

Chincoteague’s pony swim canceled for second time due to coronavirus

Citing too much uncertainty and lack of time to prepare, officials cancel the swim and carnival, but announce the auction of foals will be done online

horse behind bars

Los Angeles horse diagnosed with neurologic EHV-1

The horse is undergoing treatment as 45 potentially exposed barn mates are placed under quarantine; no reported links to cases in Europe or Florida

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Design a snack board for horses and we'll rate it for you

Why should horses miss out on the charcuterie trend? Design a board for a horse and we'll tell you how well you did.

Stall-kept horses who do not have sufficient may develop stereotypes and undesirable behaviors.

Three farms in Ontario quarantined due to neurologic equine herpes virus

With no vaccine available to protect against this form of EHV, quarantine and biosecurity measures are a key components of disease control.

Zoe donut

Massachusetts horse with a Dunkin' ritual goes viral

Thousands of TikTok followers enjoy watching Zoe take her medication in a jelly-filled donut.


Mule in Eagle County, Colorado euthanized due to rabies

The 7-year-old mule developed signs of the viral infection in mid-January.

A raccoon walking through the woods

Defend your farm against rabies

Here are simple steps you can take to keep rabies-carrying wildlife away from your property.


Rabies in horses

Here are the facts you need to know about how this deadly viral disease can affect horses.

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What do horses "say" in different languages?

In English-speaking countries horses neigh, but in other languages they "say" very different things. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of horse noises around the world and learn a bit more about sounds other animals make.


What science says about feeding rescue horses

Researchers compared the impact of three different diets on the recovery of starved horses. Here's what they found.


6 signs that your horse's wound is infected

When your horse has a cut, scrape or gash, if you see any of these signs of trouble call your veterinarian.

The term colic refers to any pain in the gut.

Help your horse survive colic

Researchers are working hard to improve colic diagnosis and treatment. Here’s how their findings can help you and your veterinarian increase your horse’s odds of a swift and complete recovery.


Leg lumps and bumps

Do you know which leg blemishes are benign and which are likely to lead to lameness?


What rare horse breed are you? Take our quiz to find out

You are special. You are unique. Now, tell us a little about yourself and we'll put an equine spin on just how rare a creature you are.


4 facts about horse hay

You feed your horse this vital forage every day, but did you know these facts?


Get your horse back into shape

Although your conditioning program will need to be customized based on your horse's specific needs, you can start with this basic framework for bringing back a healthy, young horse who was previously fit.

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Three things to do for a horse having a heaves flare-up

If an acute heaves episode occurs, call the veterinarian and then do these three things to help your horse.


4 facts about heaves in horses

Do you know the basics about equine asthma (commonly known as heaves)?

Green grass is a good source of Vitamin E for horses.

4 equine diseases linked to vitamin E deficiency

Lack of vitamin E puts horses at risk of several neuromuscular disorders. Here are the most common ones.


When your horse colics in winter

Impactions are the most common cause of cold-weather colics but horses can develop any type of digestive upset at any time of year.


Why you need to shovel out your horse trailer this winter

In a veterinary emergency during the winter, your ability to quickly hitch up and pull your horse trailer can make the life-or-death difference.