Eliza McGraw


Let us now praise famous horses

The horses we admire link riders and non-riders alike to something elusive and elemental in the modern world.


15 Museums for horse lovers

Ready for a road trip? Here are 15 museums dedicated to all things equine.


Timeless tales of the turf

When I reviewed sports pages from the 1920s, I was struck by how much we have in common with railbirds of a bygone era.


Paying it forward

One of the best things about the horse world is the people willing to share what they know.


Back in time

Horses can’t make us forget that things change, but they do help us accept the fact and move on.


Caring for your Horse's Hooves in Winter

When the seasons changes, so do your horse's hoof-care needs. Here's how to take care of your horse's hooves in winter.

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Volunteers Welcome in Horse Industry

Looking to invest some time and energy helping horses and people in need? Here's how to get involved.