What you need to know for April

Manage spring grazing to reduce laminitis risk

New pasture growth poses risks for horses prone to laminitis. Here are some precautions to take as fields go from winter brown to spring green. READ MORE

What's Your Laminitis IQ?

Test your laminitis knowledge with our 12-question quiz. READ MORE

Assess Your Horse's Laminitis Risk

How likely is your horse to develop this devastating hoof condition? Take our 8-question survey to find out. READ MORE

The Facts About Chronic Laminitis

How to recognize and treat chronic laminitis, a frustrating and potentially devastating hoof condition. READ MORE

A pastern joint problem

Q: Treatment options for an orthopedic issue commonly called “knuckling over.”

Spotlight on: Insulin resistance

Genes versus obesity in insulin resistance risk

Research from Australia suggests that certain breeds may be more susceptible to insulin resistance and other health issues. READ MORE

12 ways to protect your horse from laminitis

As researchers gain a greater understanding of the causes of this devastating foot disease, you can tailor your preventive strategies to meet your horse’s needs. READ MORE

Laminitis Lessons: A Webinar for Every Horse Owner

April 24, 2012 -- EquiSearch.com and EQUUS magazine will host "Laminitis Lessons: A Webinar for Every Horse Owner," a free webinar with veterinarian Donald Walsh on April 25th at 8:00 p.m. ET. READ MORE


Learn to Recognize Chronic Laminitis

Learn to recognize the slow-onset form of laminitis so you can spot trouble early and summon your veterinarian before major damage is done. READ MORE

Article Archive

Common reason for teary eyes

Watery eyes are often caused by blocked tear ducts, which can be remedied with a simple veterinary procedure. READ MORE

Protecting Your Horse From Strangles: Using Fly Control as Part of Your Strategy

How Do You Keep Your Snotty Nose Horse Out of Harm's Way? READ MORE

The power of proprioception

by Janet Jones, PhD Better body awareness will not only help you ride better but can enhance your ability to communicate with your horse. READ MORE

Is social rank inherited?

A new study suggests that dominant mares will not necessarily produce foals that rank high in the herd hierarchy. READ MORE

4 Things you (probably) didn't know about beet pulp

Although the popularity of this fibrous feedstuff continues to grow, misconceptions about it remain. READ MORE

Case Report: Standing up to colic

A unique surgical approach to reposition a gelding’s displaced colon eliminates the risks normally associated with general anesthesia. READ MORE

Announcing The EQUUS Magazine 2015 Dirty Dog Contest

Turn a “Bad Dog!” moment in to a “Who’s a Good Boy!?!” prize the next time your four-legged barn buddy finds a mud puddle. READ MORE

Jonathan Field: The secret to safe turnout

by Jonathan Field To reform a horse who is ill-mannered at the pasture gate, revisit basic groundwork exercises and establish your leadership. READ MORE

What probiotics can do for your horse

by Laurie Bonner You’re preparing your horse for a 200-mile trailer ride to your new home. You know the trip will be stressful, but you plan to wrap his legs carefully, make sure he’s up-to-date on his... READ MORE

Combination treatment best for sand colic

A new option for clearing large accumulations of sand from a horse’s gut shows promise. READ MORE

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