What you need to know for June

When pasture is fattening

British researchers find that some horses on pasture alone may pack on the pounds. READ MORE

Choosing a Pasture Companion

While some horses are fine being an "only child," others may benefit by having a friend in the field. READ MORE

Break Your Horse's Trail-Snacking Habits

A horse who eats on the trail isn't paying attention to his rider. Here's how to redirect his focus. READ MORE

Safety Equipment for Riders

Accidents will happen but today's riders can protect themselves against injury as never before with new safety equipment. READ MORE

Are fruit trees safe in horse pastures?

Q: Some fruit trees pose a threat to equine health.

Spotlight on: Grooming

Organize your Grooming Tools

Here are some basic steps for a grooming-kit overhaul that will make your daily chores a little easier: READ MORE

Highly Effective Horse Grooming

In many cases, what makes the difference in horse grooming results is not talent but technique. Observe several skillful groomers at work and you are likely to notice similarities in how they approach READ MORE

A Guide to Buying Grooming Brushes

Ready to restock your grooming kit? Grooming to Win author Susan Harris helps you comb through the options. READ MORE

Article Archive

Risk factors for rare type of colic identified

Researchers are developing a profile of horses most at risk for idiopathic focal eosinophilic enteritis (IFEE). READ MORE

House Flies vs. Stable Flies. Which Flies Are Bugging Your Horse?

You can help stop flies from tormenting your horses, in 3 easy steps. Are flies putting your horse at risk for Strangles? STEP 1: Identify The Fly How can improper fly trap use turn my fly problem... READ MORE

A way to prevent EPM?

A medication commonly used to treat equine protozoal myeloencephalitis may also help prevent the disease. READ MORE

Full circle

by Cathy Czachorowski Time and experience have taught me that a horse’s most important qualities have nothing to do with pedigree or beauty. READ MORE

On the frontlines against EPM

by Heather Smith Thomas Progress has been made in the detection and treatment of this potentially debilitating neurological disease, but much remains to be done. Here’s where we stand. READ MORE

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