What you need to know for March

Minimize Mud In Your Pastures This Spring

Unable to escape the muddy horse pastures before summer? Here are some pasture management tips for reducing the effects of mud this season. READ MORE

Spring Shedding Tips

Want to help your horse shed his winter coat? Grooming expert Susan Harris offers advice about the best tools and techniques. READ MORE

Always Crooked

Q: What can be done for a mare who can't walk straight and instead always bends to the right?

Spotlight on: colic

Colic treatment delays can be deadly

A new study confirms that quick treatment in specific cases of colic is essential to recovery. READ MORE

Links between recurrent colic and stable vices explored

A study from England suggests a relationship between cribbing or weaving and an increased risk for recurrent colic. READ MORE

Post-Colic Care for Horses

The care you provide your horse after colic can be crucial to his recovery. Follow these suggestions to get your horse back on his feet following a bout of equine colic. READ MORE

Article Archive

Colic treatment delays can be deadly

A new study confirms that quick treatment in specific cases of colic is essential to recovery. READ MORE

Just ONE rotting barrel hay ring can produce 1 million biting stable flies

Whether you're in charge of 1 horse or 100, it's time you became a waste management expert READ MORE

Ice balls

The rock-hard accumulations of ice and snow that can get packed into a horse’s feet can cause lameness and injury. Here’s how to keep them from forming. READ MORE

Winter ventilation

Be careful not to put your horse's respiratory health at risk in your attempts to warm the barn this winter. READ MORE

Eye cancer in Haflingers studied

Researchers determine an over-representation within the breed for a specific type of eye cancer. READ MORE

Scratches season

Protect the skin on your horse's pasterns and fetlocks from painful chapping during the wet spring months. READ MORE

Comfort and joy

Last Christmas Eve, I was reminded that my job cleaning up pastures may not be the heart of the horse world, but to me it is the soul. READ MORE

Neglected, abused or abandoned horses: How to help

by Jennifer Williams, PhD When you see a horse suffering in a bad living situation, of course you want to help. But it’s important that you know what to do to stay within the law. READ MORE

Blanket-saving strategies

Follow these four steps to reduce the damage you inflict on your horse’s new winter blanket. READ MORE

In case of emergency

You'll have greater peace of mind when leaving your horse in the care of others, if you make a contingency plan for worst-case scenarios. READ MORE

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