What you need to know for May

4 ways to prevent spring training injuries

If your horse has been idle over the winter, take some time to tone him up to avoid injuries from stressing unfit muscles. READ MORE

Scratches, Rainrot and Other Equine Skin Conditions

Here's how to recognize and treat some common equine skin conditions. READ MORE

Are fruit trees safe in horse pastures?

Q: Some fruit trees pose a threat to equine health.

Spotlight on: Joints

Why hyaluronan is essential to healthy joints

Hyaluronan is a key ingredient in synovial fluid as well as in supplements intended to protect horse joints from wear and tear. READ MORE

Fight Arthritis at Every Age

Arthritis typically begins to appear in middle-aged horses. However, there are steps you can take to protect your horse's joints throughout his life. READ MORE

How to Identify Pastern Problems

Lumps below the fetlock on your horse's pastern can mean trouble. Here's how to identify irregularities on the horse's pastern and learn which are serious problems and which are merely blemishes. READ MORE

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Article Archive

Decode your horse's bloodwork

by Heather Smith Thomas Blood analysis can yield vital information about a horse’s health. Here’s a look at what tests can–and cannot–tell you. READ MORE

What You Don't Know About Barn Hygiene Could Hurt Your Horse's Performance

If Your Horse Spends Much of His Waking Time Breathing Ammonia, it Could Cost You Big Time in Competition. READ MORE

New way to prevent ulcer recurrence

A new supplement may help keep ulcers from returning after treatment. READ MORE

Predicting botulism survival

Researchers find that maintaining the ability to stand is a key factor for surviving botulism in horses. READ MORE

Study suggests deeper harrowing is best for arena footing

For greater benefit, use deeper tines when dragging your arena. READ MORE

A subtle effect of endurance competition

A surprising physical change in endurance horses is linked to their finish times. READ MORE

Never too late

by Julianne Lee Entering the horse world later in life isn’t easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort. READ MORE

Keep Waving

by Martha Crawford Cantarini A sweet-natured gelding once taught me that the impact of kind words and a gentle touch can last a lifetime. READ MORE

Getting the feel

by Janet Jones, PhD Sharpen your proprioceptive abilities to ride better and improve your communication with your horse. READ MORE

Establish a common language with your horse

by David O'Connor Good communication and leadership will help you train your horse to overcome his fears, no matter their origin. READ MORE

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