What you need to know for December

Steer Clear Of Holiday Décor Hazards

Be mindful of risks your seasonal decorations can pose to your horses. READ MORE

Cold Weather Workouts

Protect your horse's lungs this winter by saving tough rides for milder days. READ MORE

Why Winter Alters "Marish" Behavior

If your otherwise cranky mare mellows out this winter, shorter days may be the reason. READ MORE

Q&A: How to help a horse with heaves

Q: My Icelandic gelding was diagnosed with seasonal asthma. In the spring and fall, he coughs and is easily winded…. Is there anything I can do to ease his signs?

Spotlight on: Winter Grooming

Removing Mud Stains During Winter

When cold weather makes a full bath impossible, try these tactics for removing manure and mud stains. READ MORE

Caring for your Horse's Hooves in Winter

When the seasons changes, so do your horse's hoof-care needs. Here's how to take care of your horse's hooves in winter. READ MORE

Cooling Out Horses in Winter

Cooling your horse properly after exercise will help prevent him from catching a chill. READ MORE

Nominate That Special Horseperson In Your Life

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