What you need to know for October

Blanket-saving strategies

Follow these four steps to reduce the damage you inflict on your horse’s new winter blanket. READ MORE

Stay Alert for Laminitis this Fall

Equine laminitis isn't just a springtime problem. Here's why you need to remain on guard for laminitis well into the fall. READ MORE

Targeted relief from inflammation

When a horse's treatment plan calls for a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), a veterinarian will consider many factors in selecting the most appropriate prescription. READ MORE

Does your feeding program measure up?

Take a moment to consider whether your feeding routine still provides the right amount of nutrients and calories for your horse. READ MORE

Are fruit trees safe in horse pastures?

Q: Some fruit trees pose a threat to equine health.

Spotlight on: Trail Riding

7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse

Make the most of your trail outing this season by revisiting a few basic training exercises now. READ MORE

Article Archive

Case Report: An elegant repair

The solution to a mare’s recurring post-surgical hernia is a new technique that uses an ancient fiber. READ MORE

Fiber Digestion In The Horse

by Jeanne van der Veen, MAS, PAS Introduction Horses are non-ruminant, monogastric herbivores. This means that horses have a simple, one compartment stomach and eat primarily fibrous vegetation or plant material. Fibrous plants,... READ MORE

Why hoof bruises happen

by Heather Smith Thomas Trauma to the underside of the hoof is a common cause of lameness. Here’s how you can help your horse stay sound. READ MORE

When it's OK to drag

Do you know the best and worst times to harrow your pastures to break up and scatter manure piles? READ MORE

7 Veterinary skills every horse owner needs

Learning a few fundamental techniques can help you become a more valuable partner with your veterinarian when your horse is sick or injured. READ MORE

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