What you need to know for March

5 ways to minimize mud in your pastures this spring

Unable to escape the muddy horse pastures before summer? Here are some pasture management tips for reducing the effects of mud this season. READ MORE

Tips for Helping Your Horse Shed Smoothly

Want to help your horse shed his winter coat? Grooming expert Susan Harris offers advice about the best tools and techniques. READ MORE

Always Crooked

Q: What can be done for a mare who can't walk straight and instead always bends to the right?

Spotlight on: colic

Colic treatment delays can be deadly

A new study confirms that quick treatment in specific cases of colic is essential to recovery. READ MORE

Links between recurrent colic and stable vices explored

A study from England suggests a relationship between cribbing or weaving and an increased risk for recurrent colic. READ MORE

Post-Colic Care for Horses

The care you provide your horse after colic can be crucial to his recovery. Follow these suggestions to get your horse back on his feet following a bout of equine colic. READ MORE

Article Archive

Q&A: A pastern joint problem

Treatment options for an orthopedic issue commonly called “knuckling over.” READ MORE

New Mosquito Related Equine Disease Hits Mainland

Symptoms include fever and a rash, as well as sever joint pain that can last for weeks or up to one year. READ MORE

That girl

by Meghan Namaste From the first time I saw Sophie I knew she was the horse for me. READ MORE

2015 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award Winner Announced

Farrier, trainer and youth instructor Stephen Coffey is the winner of the 2015 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award. READ MORE

Q&A: Managing a rare skin disease

A diagnosis of Pemhigus foliaceus leaves a horse owner wanting to know more about the rare disease, its prognosis and treatment. READ MORE

The mystery of shivers

by Christine Barakat Through a series of groundbreaking studies aided by selfless horse owners, a researcher is beginning to understand this rare but devastating neurological condition. READ MORE

How to stop mealtime tantrums

Some horses behave badly at feeding time. Here are some tips for maintaining peace and quiet in your barn. READ MORE

How longeing helps detect lameness

A new study emphasizes the usefulness of longeing a horse to detect subtle lameness. READ MORE

Paid in full

by Heather Benedict My horse’s injury put a halt to my competitive dreams, but the bond we developed during his recovery meant more than any award ever could. READ MORE

Tack safety check

Prevent a riding accident by keeping an eye out for these three signs of wear, while giving your tack a good cleaning. READ MORE

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