What you need to know for August

8 Summer Health Concerns

Warm weather and sunny days bring some specific changes to your horse's health. Here's what to be on watch for this season. READ MORE

Summertime Hoof Changes

Peeling, flaking hooves look alarming, but are a normal consequence of dry summer weather. READ MORE

Summer Sores

Summer sores are caused by the infected larvae of stomach worms, which are deposited into skin abrasions on horses. Learn how to control and prevent these unsightly skin lesions. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.com. READ MORE

Are fruit trees safe in horse pastures?

Q: Some fruit trees pose a threat to equine health.

Spotlight on: Trail Riding

A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles

In many ways, shopping for a trail saddle is the same as choosing one for any other sport or activity. The quality of the materials, construction and design lead the list of initial considerations,... READ MORE

Article Archive

Case of warmblood fragile foal syndrome documented

A foal died of the disease a year before a test to identify it became available. READ MORE

Keep Your Horse Well-Hydrated At Home And On The Road

by Cynthia McFarland If you could snap your fingers and remove all the water from your horse’s body, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left. The average adult horse’s body contains approximately 70% water. In other words, there are roughly 700 pounds of water in the average 1,000 lb. horse. READ MORE

Success in treating locking stifles

Researchers investigate the efficacy of a surgical option to treat locking stifles. READ MORE

New options for navicular treatment

The recent approval of two new drugs that target the bone changes associated with navicular syndrome offers hope in some of the most frustrating cases. READ MORE

How Cushing’s Syndrome may affect immunity

New research suggests that special care may be required when planning the vaccination schedules of horses with PPID. READ MORE

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