What you need to know for November

Four simple rules for preventing winter colic

When the weather turns colder, certain types of colic are more common. But four measures can help protect your horse from seasonal pains in the gut. READ MORE

Help your horse's blanket last longer

Here four tips for reducing the damage you inflict on your horse’s new winter blanket. READ MORE

Does your feeding program measure up?

Take a moment to consider whether your feeding routine still provides the right amount of nutrients and calories for your horse. READ MORE

Targeted relief from inflammation

When a horse's treatment plan calls for a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), a veterinarian will consider many factors in selecting the most appropriate prescription. READ MORE

Are fruit trees safe in horse pastures?

Q: Some fruit trees pose a threat to equine health.

Spotlight on: Trail Riding

Jonathan Field: Taming a trail terror

To head off problems on the trail, make sure your leadership and connection with your horse are solid while you are still at home. READ MORE

7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse

Make the most of your trail outing this season by revisiting a few basic training exercises now. READ MORE

Article Archive

When blanketing is best

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Some horses need no help keeping warm, but there are two situations when a blanket is a necessity. READ MORE

A Poulticing Primer

by Laurel Scott It may be old-fashioned and low-tech, but nothing spells relief to a hurting horse like a poultice in a pinch. Some poultices are designed to reduce heat and swelling in joints or tendons, while... READ MORE

Q&A: The “right” approach to jumping

When is it time to ask a young horse to leap before he looks? READ MORE

A compassionate approach to training and showing

by Susan Gordon In their new book The Compassionate Equestrian, Allen Schoen, DVM, and Susan Gordon introduce the “25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation,” guidelines for enhancing the rider’s relationship with the horse, the state of the horse industry and the world as a whole. READ MORE

In gratitude

by Kim McVeigh Yoga is helping me to appreciate just how much I love simply spending time with horses. READ MORE

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