Winter Weather

A little preparation can go a long way in helping horses not only tolerate winter weather but actually enjoy it.

4 ways to get your older horse ready for winter

Do these commonsense measures now to help keep your horse happy, healthy and sound no matter throughout the cold weather months.

Hooves grow more slowly in winter than at any other time of the year.

3 winter hoof care tips

Here's how the season ahead can affect your horse's hooves and ways you can keep them healthy and sound.

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5 tips for better blanketing

Your horse will appreciate your following this advice when selecting and using his blankets this winter

Lami-Cell Pro Fit Blanket

Turnout Technology

Five important features to consider when shopping for weatherproof equine outerwear. Cold weather is upon us and your first instinct might be to bundle your horse up like a child—in so many layers that he can barely move, with only his eyes visible. Resist that urge! Go instead for a blanketing system that is waterproof, breathable and light, with a rip-stop outer shell (think 1,200-denier, ideally with Teflon™ Shield finish) and at least three insulation options (such as 0 gram, 300 gram and 500 gram) for varying weather conditions.

How much winter coat a horse grows is influenced by his environment, health and other factors.

Help your horse grow a thick winter coat

An expert explains how horses grow a winter coat and what you can do to support that process.

Horse drinking from a trough in winter.

Simple ways to prevent winter colic

Minimize your horse's chance of colic during winter's coldest months.