Foal and mare as seen on The Jurga Report
Swedish studbook to ban foals bred using OPU/ICSI
Black and white image of woman feeding horse
Brooke USA raises $225,000 to improve plight of working equines
closeup shot of legs of galloping horse during a turn
Study identifies genetic component in Thoroughbred fracture risk
A chestnut horse in a sandy arena
Dutch national federation bans bandages in competition
Image of Mardi Gras flag hanging from balcony in Mobile, Alabama
Condé Cavaliers release statement about Carnival parade incident
Wild horses in Nevada desert near Reno
Nevada model could reform federal wild horse and burro program
A group of horses eating from outdoor hay feeder
Study examines impacts of three feeding styles
two horses eating hay
Blankets for Bales supports A Home For Every Horse
Budweiser Clydesdales pull beer wagon down street
American Humane awards welfare certification to Budweiser Clydesdales, Dalmatians
Pennsylvania horse owners make record gift to Foundation for the Horse 
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Brown horse head of bay mare with water dripping from face, anim
Michigan mare tests positive for strangles
Five wild horses running toward the camera
'The Mustangs: America's Wild Horses' premieres on PBS
When a delay in colic surgery is deadly
Myths About Cribbing in Horses promo image
New thinking about cribbing