BLM announces grants to support wild horse and burro initiatives
The targeted projects are based in Colorado, Oregon and Utah
long distance shot of a herd of wild/feral horses on the move
BLM to begin Reveille wild horse gather
Officials seek to maintain a healthy population size, protect rangeland resources and restore a thriving natural ecological balance.
Proactive Care Tips for Broodmares
Spring welcomes many exciting aspects, especially for those who are in the midst of or preparing for foaling season. Now is a great time to check in with your veterinarian to keep preventive health care...
Get ready for spring!
Are you and your horse ready for this busy season? The 5-point checklist in this edition of EQUUS Extra can help. From preventive care for your horse to reviewing the readiness of your gear and trailer,...
Horse Barn
Is Your Horse Protected From Seasonal Flu Outbreaks?
Influenza exposure is inevitable: Help prevent the flu and support health. Equine Influenza Virus (EIV) is an extremely contagious disease of horses and considered to be one of the most important viral...
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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 24: West Nile virus in horses
More than 250,000 horses have been reported to have West Nile virus (WNV) since it was first identified in the United States in 1999.
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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 18: Equine rabies
Tune in as we talk to Dr. Sarah Colmer about this deadly equine disease and what you need to know about it.
Rabies Virus 3D Illustration
Disease prevention: "Core" versus "risk- based" vaccines
Core vaccines protect against diseases that pose a threat to all horses. Risk-based vaccines are administerd based on a horse's situation.
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Is Your Horse Protected?
How much does your horse mean to you? How important is protecting your horse against serious diseases that are potentially fatal…and preventable?
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March | Spring Vaccinations, Grazing Muzzles, Shedding Patterns
[upbeat music playing then fading out] Laurie: Welcome to the Three Things podcast from EQUUS; a quick rundown of some relevant and practical horse-keeping tips you can use in the month ahead. I’m...
The equine contribution to the new CoVID-19 vaccine
An equine West Nile Virus product was a forerunner of the new CoVID-19 vaccine.
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Fatal eastern equine encephalitis case in South Carolina is the 16th in that state for 2020
The 8-year-old mare was was vaccinated but still contracted the insect-borne viral disease.