Horse looking out of the back of a trailer

Digestion-friendly transport

When preparing to trailer your horse, don’t forget to add “ulcer prevention” to your travel checklist.


Three things to check when your horse is uneasy in the trailer

If your horse is anxious or fractious during transport, spend some time investigating factors that may be causing instability and stress.

Horse looking out of the back of a trailer

The toll travel takes

A horse isn’t simply standing in a trailer during the trip back to the barn; he’s making constant adjustments to maintain his balance through every curve and acceleration.


10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse

A few simple measures can help you head off trouble and give you peace of mind.

Determining the cause of a cough in horses can be difficult, but it's critical to developing a treatment plan.

When to worry about coughing in horses

Sometimes coughing in horses is harmless, but it may be the first sign of serious trouble. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Horse looking out of the back of a trailer

Encouraging findings about long-distance transport

Research shows that horses transported long distances with a commercial shipping company had low risk of associated health problems.

Horse looking out of the back of a trailer

The savvy way to stock your trailer

Pack along a few vital items just in case you trip doesn't go as planned.

Horse looking out of the back of a trailer

Why you shouldn't feed grain in the trailer

A "to-go" meal could put your horse at risk of choke, ulcers or colic.

When to blanket in the trailer promo image

When to blanket in the trailer

Consider several factors when deciding whether your horse needs a blanket during transport.


Shopping for a Towing Vehicle

Consider these 7 features when shopping for a vehicle that can safely and comfortably haul your horses.

Mare and foal galloping across a spring meadow

Two for the Road: Shipping a Mare and Foal Together

With some planning and patience, you can make your youngster's first trailer ride an unremarkable, and therefore good, experience.


Quick Horse Trailer Clean Up

A few minutes caring for your horse trailer after a road trip can save you time and money later on.

A stock horse trailer parked by the side of a mountain lake

Tips for trailering your horse in summer

Keep your horse cool and comfortable during transport.

A 60-Minute Trailer Safety Check promo image

A 60-Minute Trailer Safety Check

A few minutes spent checking the soundness of your trailer goes a long way toward protecting the safety of every horse who rides in it.

Are Your Trailer and Horse Roadworthy? promo image

Are Your Trailer and Horse Roadworthy?

Review this trailering checklist compiled by a veterinarian who has seen many transit troubles over the years, and hauled horses hundreds of miles himself. By Robert M. Miller, DVM, for EQUUS magazine.

A trailer doesn't have to be new to be comfortable. |

Shopping for a Safe, Comfortable Used Horse Trailer

Keep your horse's safety and comfort in mind as you shop for a used trailer. By Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

There are minor inspections and trailer repairs you can do yourself before hitting the road with your horse. | Photo by Mix

Complete a Trailer, Vehicle Safety Check

Make sure that your trailer and vehicle are safe and sound before your horses hit the road. Complete this safety check by doing minor inspections and repairs yourself to prepare for a road trip. By Nancy Ambrosiano for EQUUS magazine.


Horse Trailering Tips

Learn how to improve your horse's trailering trips. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine.


Tips for Long Distance Trailering

During rest stops on road trips, follow this checklist to make sure your horses are comfortable while traveling. From the Editors of EQUUS magazine.

Trailer Tales columnist Suzanne Drnec trailers down the memory trail-remembering her first ever trailer, and all the changes and needs that led to her newest trailer purchase.