Equine joint health begins with you!
Sore joints are all too common in the horses we love, especially as they grow older. But you can support joint health with careful management and training—starting today.
Valerian with root
An expert’s view of calming products for horses
An animal behaviorist discusses feed supplements, pheromones and aromatherapies marketed to promote calmness in horses.
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Savvy supplement shopping
When shopping for equine supplements, there are a million things to consider. Whether you’re looking to improve a dull coat, soothe a nervous temperament or ease creaky joints, have you targeted a specific...
Feeding grain to a horse by hand.
SmartPak Ask A Pro Q6: Supplement Ingredients
Stacie Appleton, PhD discusses how ingredients are selected for new products or to reformulate existing SmartPak supplements.
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Does My Horse Need a Joint Supplement?
As a horse owner, you’ve likely wondered, “Does my horse need a joint supplement?” Perhaps your trail horse feels a little stiff going down hills these days. Maybe your show campaigner isn’t changing leads...
SmartPak Ask a Pro Q1: A Healthy Hindgut
In the horse world, the importance of digestive health is top of mind when it comes to horses in competition. But it's not just performance horses that could run into some issues; all horse owners need...
Ask a Pro: SmartPak's Health Team
Welcome to the SmartPak Ask A Pro series, where we will be introducing the SmartPak Health Team and covering a wide range of topics surrounding equine health and supplements. Dr. Gray and Dr. Appleton...
Vitamin E: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Horse
When shopping for equine supplements, don’t forget about good ol’ Vitamin E! The darling of nutritionists and the cosmetic industry, this plant-derived vitamin is essential for the working equine, as well. As...
5 Reasons to Feed Your Horse a Premium Feed
Good nutrition is the foundation of horse health, but does premium feed mean premium nutrition? Here are five reasons why specially formulated premium equine feeds rise above the rest.
Can CBD help your horse?
Here's what you need to know about this new and growing segment of the equine supplement marketplace: cannabidiol (CBD) supplements for horses.
Supporting Equine Mobility: What’s in Your Nutraceutical?
Chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation—especially in the joints—are common challenges in working horses. Alternative supplements with potent natural ingredients can help restore healthy movement without...