Stable Management


NJ law would allow farm workers to live in same building as horses

New Jersey Assembly Committee approves bill to allow equine farm workers to live in facilities with horses under certain conditions

Research showed that horses on the straw bedding ate their hay more slowly than those on shavings, taking more frequent breaks.

Study makes case for straw bedding for horses

To improve your horse’s digestive and mental health, consider bedding his stall with straw.

Four horses hang their heads over wooden stall doors inside a barn. The closest horse is a buckskin paint with a long forelock.

Dietary protein can affect air quality in horse stalls

Research data has shown that higher protein diets lead to significant increases in the nitrogen levels in urine, affecting air quality in a horse's stall.

A chestnut horse with his head sticking out of a trailer moving down the road.

Quick Horse Trailer Clean Up

A few minutes spent caring for your horse trailer after a road trip can save you time and money later on.