April | Laminitis Prevention, Spring Conditioning, Bathing Tips
· [upbeat music playing then fading out] Christine Barakat: This episode of the 3 Things podcast is brought to you by Farnam. Laurie Prinz: Spring has sprung and no one appreciates that more than horse...
Thoughts of Spring
The EQUUS Spring issue now at the printer is chock full of advice on handling seasonal horsekeeping challenges but it offers a whole lot more.
EQUUS Extra Spring Horse Care
Spring Horse Care Checklist
Days are a little longer, pastures are a little greener and horse hair is everywhere. Spring is in the air. Though this season brings with it the delightful promise of riding horses under bluebird skies,...
dun horse profile in winter
March | Spring Vaccinations, Grazing Muzzles, Shedding Patterns
[upbeat music playing then fading out] Laurie: Welcome to the Three Things podcast from EQUUS; a quick rundown of some relevant and practical horse-keeping tips you can use in the month ahead. I’m...